HYDAC Industrial Valves -
For Industrial Applications and the Use in Mobile Machines

In addition to cartridge valves, Hydac also offers a wide range of industrial valves - directional valves, sandwich plate valves, proportional valves and logic valves up to nominal size 32. HYDAC's high vertical range of manufacture offers a high degree of flexibility for adaptation to customer-specific requirements. In addition, a wide range of design options (e.g.manual override, switching position monitoring) and actuation types (direct vs. pilot operated) are available. HYDAC's in-house solenoid production enables it to realise specific coil types with a wide variety of connectors.


Due to the wide product range HYDAC industrial valves can be used in a broad variety of industrial sectors. To use HYDAC industrial valves also in mobile applications, there are more and more industrial valves with increased corrosion protection (ZnNi) available.

In addition to customer-specific adaptations, we are currently extending our product range to fulfill the requirements of industry 4.0.



Industrial valve product range

Directional valves

HYDAC directional control valves are available from nominal sizes 6 to 32 in a variety of design options, such as low watt, soft shift, switching position monitoring and as ATEX variant.

Proportional valves

The proportional valve range includes directional, pressure and flow control-valves.

Proportional directional control valves are also optionally available with position measuring system and OBE.

Logic valves

HYDAC 2-way logic valves are used in hydraulic control systems with high performance requirements.

Our series adapts to your plant size and includes nominal sizes 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 and 80.

The logic valves are available for directional and pressure functions with the options of damping and stem seals.

Control valves

HYDAC 4/3 control valves of the C4WERE 6 series are directly controlled, electrically operated spool valves.

The valve is actuated by a control solenoid working in oil. The solenoid pushes the spool of the valve quickly and precisely into the respective position in order to obtain the desired flow paths. The spool position is proportional to the input signal and is controlled by integrated electronics and position feedback (LVDT). 

Sandwich plates

HYDAC valves in sandwich plate design of nominal size 6-25 enable a modular stackable design of the hydraulic control system.

For pressure control we offer them as pressure reducing and pressure relief valves and for volume control as throttle or flow control valves with bypass check valve.

The sandwich plates are also available as non-return valves for directional control, with and without hydraulic unlocking, and as pressure compensators for implementing the flow control function.


- Industry standard

- Possibility to realize application-specific products

- High vertical range of manufacture - coils, pole tubes and valves from a single source

- Traceability by serial number and QR code

- Large variety of coils, connectors and manual override available